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Just in time for summer, featuring a new line of organic and natural skin care products from Summer Lotion!

One of the reasons I was excited to redesign Summer Lotion's Website was because it's a local company based out of Olympia, Washington. More importantly, when Steve, the owner, was describing his approach to ingredients, testing and their target customer, I was basically in that bucket too! Like many of us, I'm concerned with what's inside our products, especially when it comes to using them on kids. I usually read the entire list of ingredients, check if it's non-GMO, read reviews, and so on. I was happy to learn that Summer Lotion checked off all those boxes and more. I even tried their coconut flavor lip balm with sunscreen. I rarely use lip balm because they make my lips dry and chapped after it wears off, however, that was not the case with Summer Lotion. It kept my lips feeling soft with the added benefit of sun protection.

Currently, Summer Lotion's products include lip balm, sunscreen (arriving August 1st), and more coming soon. You can also order their lip balm on Amazon.

Check out the new Website here:


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