Artist, Designer, Dreamer

Making everyday beautiful one doodle and splash of color at a time.


Hello! I'm Diana Ari Ella, a Pacific Northwest artist and designer. I get easily distracted by beautiful things and my imagination. Art just happens to be the perfect outlet. I've been dabbling in it since childhood but for several long years put all that creativity on the back burner. Then one day in 2015, inspired by my little girl, who might one day question why I stopped creating, I hastily picked up a pencil, and then a marker, followed by a paintbrush and then a digital art pen and voila!


I designed this Website as a way to showcase my artwork and that ended up leading me to work on Website design projects for others. It's been a dream come true do this kind of work and is the perfect combination because it blends both my background in business/marketing and design/creativity. If you would like to collaborate on your Website design project please contact me here.

I like working with a variety of mediums including pen, ink, markers, acrylics, gouache and watercolors. I'm always exploring new mediums and techniques. I look to nature for a lot of inspiration and infuse it with my style ranging from geometric, impressionistic, to abstract.

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