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I've got some BIG news...DRUM ROLLLLLL......

I am so excited to share with you all that I have finally opened up an online shop where you can buy my artwork as an art print or on your favorite products like a pillow, mug or armadillo. Haha! Okay maybe not an armadillo but you get the picture ;) Check it out HERE.

This has been a long overdue goal and I have put a lot of love and care into creating the artwork in my shop so I hope you find something you love. Also, I wanted to thank my family, friends and my husband for supporting my work and encouraging me to take this big step.

Another cool thing is that giving back is a part of my mission so 10% of profits will be donated to charitable organizations that are meaningful to me and my family like education, hunger and girl power!



I'm going to be updating the shop with new artwork regularly so please check back often. Thank you so much for supporting my work and creative journey! As always, I am so grateful. For more of what I'm up to join me here and/or here.


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